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This is how TRADUguide works auf Deutsch

Email to English German translator community IN ENGLISH PLEASE

English German English Interpreting

Are you looking for English interpreting services? Post your interpreting requirements here! The TRADUguide community of freelance interpreting talents includes many experienced interpreting professionals who offer accurate, responsive and affordable English German English interpreting services.

German English Conference Interpreting - © P. VIROT (WHO)

Conference Interpreting - © P. Virot (WHO)


How to contact English German English interpreting talents

Fill in the form below to contact experienced interpreters. You will be notified of their price quotes and may choose the best suited interpreting talent for your interpretation requirements from English to German and/or German to English. (There are no commissions.)


Do you need interpreting from English to German and / or from German to English? If not, please select the required language pair.

From (source language)


To (target language)



Do you need a specialized interpreting talent? Please select.

Technical interpreter
Software interpreter
Legal interpreter
Commercial interpreter

Medical interpreter
Scientific interpreter
Arts interpreter
Interpreter with a general background


Please enter your interpreting requirements in the text area at the right and include this information:

  • Date and time of your event
  • Location of your event
  • City, state, country of your event
  • Do you need tour interpreting?




  • Please check that the information entered is correct.

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TRADUguide - a leading portal in the interpreting and translation industries

Created in 2002, TRADUguide has grown from modest beginnings to becoming a prominent directory of interpreting talents and specialized translators offering interpreting and translation services for business, government, legal, healthcare, entertainment and private environments.


Interpreting vs. Translation

Interpreting is the act of rendering spoken words in one language (source) into another language (target). (Translation is the process of translating a written text from one language to another. Should you need a translator for a written text, please click here.)


Interpreting and translation services for today's business communities

The English interpreters and translators of the TRADUguide interpreter and translator network provide these services:

  • English consecutive interpreting
  • English simultaneous interpreting
  • English conference interpreting
  • English interpreting at business meetings
  • English interpreting on international symposiums
  • English tourist guidance
  • English translation of documents


Need an extra staff for translation and interpreting?

Should you need to create an extra staff (permanent or freelance), TRADUguide allows you to choose from English interpreters and translators not only in Europe but also from other parts in the world. Just use the form at the left to send your requirements!
The multilingual make-up of the TRADUguide community makes TRADUguide interpreters and translators the perfect working partners for businessmen - in and outside of Europe!




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