Dos and Don'ts - How to create your profile with TRADUguide

First impressions count!
DO: Make your profile professional. It should be short (one or two paragraphs), direct, descriptive and businesslike.
DO: First, you should introduce yourself - your translating / interpreting experience and credentials, prior translating / interpreting history, if any; professional memberships; any other relevant information - expertise that helps you translating.
DO: Mention your specializations, such as medical, legal, or business translation / interpretation.
DO: Do you offer interpretation? Mention those cities or countries where you would like to interpret.
DON'T: Do not neglect basics of spelling, grammar, clean presentation in your profile. Check and recheck.
DON'T: Do not use common phrases such as "I am cheap and quick". Most job posters are looking for an expert translator / interpreter who is familiar with the specific subject area.
DON'T: Do not indicate a pricing that is too low. Reasonable prices make better impressions!


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