How to fill out a quote for jobs posted on TRADUguide

First impressions count!

Title line

The title line is the first item the job poster sees when s/he receives your quote. Enter a desciptive line of your service. Be businesslike, such as "M.D., 10 years of experience in medical translations". DO NOT write "Quick and cheap".

Quote text:

Write a personalized message to the job poster. Use his/her name.
Address each requirement mentioned in the job posting.

Then, you should introduce yourself. For example, include this information:

  • your translating / interpreting experience and credentials
  • prior translating / interpreting history, if any
  • expertise that helps you translating
  • professional memberships
  • any other relevant information, such as references from former clients.

Plus, you should include your preferred payment method.
You could also include your complete CV to show the job poster who you are and why you are the best suited translator for the job. But DO NOT include your CV alone without addressing the individual requirements of the job posting.


You should always give your normal price. Some job posters set a price line. In this case you should check if this is ok to you. If not, you should not quote - otherwise you will not be happy with the job.


You should try to clarify all contact information directly with the outposter before starting work. Especially when dealing with new clients, you should always try to get a formal project assignment from the job poster before starting the job.


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