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translation Fr/Pt; Pt/FR







Microsoft Office

Additional services



Since 1998, I am working like freelancer in Portugal with entreprises, agencies and other for translation Portuguese/french or French/portuguese, Spanish/French. I work consciousely and quickly.

Pricing/Other services

Portuguese to French : 0,05€/word
French to Portuguese: 0,06€/word


portuguese, french, spanish,law, cosmetic, tecnology, medical, Diplomas, CVs, Licenses, Certificates, Ecology & Environment, Gastronomy, International Development/Cooperation, Journalism, Law (general), Contracts, Travel, Advertising, Agriculture, Livestock, Animal Husbandry, Arts and Humanities (general), Business, Commerce (general), Cinema, Film, TV, Drama, Food, Nutrition, Dairy Technology, Geography, Geology, Human Resources, Insurance, Marketing, Market Research, Travelling, tourism, voyages, tourisme, turismo, reliable, french native translator, camping, restauration, menus, ementas, brochures, flyers, catalogues, cahier des charges, caderno de encargos, appel d'offres, contratos, contrats, acte de naissance, mariage, certidão nascimento, casamento, certidão permanente, certificat permanent, sites, cosmétiques, produits de beauté, bilan, comptes de résultats, procès-verbal d'assemblée générale, acta de assembleia geral, diplôme, diploma, homeopatia, homéopathie, fisioterapia, mesoterapia, manual de utilização, manuel d'utilisation, União Europeia, Union européenne, insurance, assurance, seguro, procuração, procuration, divórcio, divorce, regulação poder paternal, modalités d'exercice de l'autorité parentaleRetail, Media, Multimedia, Public Relations, Real Estate, imobiliario, aluguer, Shipping & Maritime, Social Science, Sociology, Ethics, Sports, Recreation, Fitness, Telecommunications, Transportation, Transport / ShippingTourism


Native language/Country

French / Portugal

Language combinations

Portuguese > French
  - Translating



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