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Translation Agency PEN

Quality and fast low-cost translation





Sciences/Non-fiction books


Microsoft Office

Additional services

Project Management
Conferences/Trade Fairs


Translation Agency PEN offers fast, high-quality and affordable, inexpensive translations.

Better and faster translators and optimization of administration ensure that our translations are cheaper than the competition.

Our team consists of international professionals, experienced coordinators who manage the latest technology of document processing systems and a broad team of high quality, responsive and reliable translators. Our customers can, according to their needs, choose the best type of translation service and proofreading of texts as well as a set of additional services in the field of document processing.

Contact us by e-mail: or visit:

Pricing/Other services

Basic translation

• most favourable price- only 0,11 EUR (0,09£) per word for translations from foreign into English language
• most favourable price – only 0,14 EUR (0,11£) per word for translations from English into foreign language

Translation with proofreading of the text

• most favourable price- only 0,15 EUR (0,12£) per word for translation and included text proofreading from foreign into English language
• most favourable price- only 0,18 EUR (0,14£) per word for translation and text proofreading from English into foreign language

Note: * One standard page includes 1.500 characters excluding spaces or ca. 200 words.
* short translations (up to 200 words) are charged at a flat rate in the amount of 0,11EUR (0,09£) per word for translations from foreign into English language or 0,14EUR (0,11£) for translation from English into foreign language

The average time for translation: 7 standard pages per day (1500 characters excluding spaces or 200 words per standard page)


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Native language/Country

English / Slovenia

Language combinations

English > Slovene
  - Translating
  - Proofreading
  - Copywriting



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