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Yves Clees - Translation works

private translator - support on marketing campaign - detecting potential target markets

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Marketing / Financial
Arts / Entertainment
Non-fiction books



Déjà Vu
SDL Trados



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Company profile

English > French
  - Translating

English > German
  - Translating
  - Interpreting (cons.)

English > Luxembourgish
  - Translating

French > Luxembourgish
  - Translating

French > German
  - Translating
  - Interpreting (cons.)

German > French
  - Translating
  - Interpreting (cons.)

German > Luxembourgish
  - Translating

Luxembourgish > German
  - Translating

Luxembourgish > French
  - Translating
  - Interpreting (cons.)

Working all my life in using different languages, 1981-1991 in a telecom center for the Luxembourgian state ministry, 1991-2004 as business partner and later owner of a group of fishing shops, where we dealt with lots of countries for transshipping matters and import licences, moved to Ireland in 2004. In 2005, I started a tourist agency under ActiveHolidaysKerry, in 2010 got appointed General Manager for the Restaurants-Guide4U, in 2012, Marketer and Translator for Imatico. I spend the last 30 years doing all types of translations into French, German, English and Luxembourgian in lot of different domains. This experience guaranties a high quality of work.

Official translator for ActiveHolidaysKerry
Official translator for Restaurants-Guide4U
Official translator for Imatico
Working on Linux Operating System on Open Office, Trados, Déjà Vu, SDL Trados and Across

Pricing / Other services

Manual high quality translations are quoted 0,04€-0,08€/word (depending on difficulty)
Automatic translations via CAT are quoted 0,015€/word (normal text) (no quality guarantee)
Translations into Luxembourgian are quoted 0,10€/word.
Reviewing a given text: (0,02-0,03€/word - depending on the quality of the text)
Technical and difficult translations are quoted 15€/hour
For high volume translations, weekly payment arrangement can be done.
I might be of assistance in developing a marketing campaign around your product. (I need the specification of the product, the history of the product and your target market). This is priced on specification and importance of the work to be done. (Normally 15€/hour)

Translations into English, French or German are available in high quality manual translation and in fully automatic translation (without quality guarantee)
Translations into Luxembourgian are available in manual translation
Technical translations are only available in manual translation
Reviewing French, German and Luxembourgian translations (grammar, language related accents, language fluency, terminology)

My main sectors: text about angling, hunting, about aquariophilia, text about nature, history, marketing (all sectors), publicity campaigns (all sectors), about tourism, gastronomy, data text, novels, the translation of your website, ....

For works exceeding 10000 words, a deposit of 30% is asked at the beginning of work, balance to be paid within a week after submission.
For vast translation projects, other payment arrangements can be met (per week / per month)
At the end of the work, you will be send an invoice mentioning the deposit already paid.

Translation gets provided in PDF or in MS Word, as you wish.

After reception of your text, a word number check will be done and the proposed price may be adapted.
After your acceptance, the work will begin. You will get an estimation about the time to complete your work. No fixed date

There will be no invoice for deposit. The deposit will be visible in the final invoice. (As trading as a sole trader and not VAT registered, there will be no Vat number on the invoice)

I might request some more time for finishing a work due to the fact, that I am controlling all work manually making sure, there is no miss-interpretation in a text. Coming to French or German translation, specific attention is given to the language related accents and to a more complex grammar. Coming to the Luxembourgian language, officially a very young language, in reality a very old Celtic based language, with the modernization of the language, with the new grammar in place, not lot of translators are available for this language. For business matters, certainly worth an investment into translation, as Luxembourg is a small but very rich market. Certainly a great market when it comes to exclusive products.


translation, consulting, business, angling magazines, web-site translation, translation tour operators, gastronomy, restaurants, hotels, self catering, holidays, outdoor pursuits, angling, food, translation of books and brochures, novels, ... etc.

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