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Get help with difficult terms

Hi. This is Conges

where translation professionals share their knowledge to help you with challenging translation problems.

Lost for words?

You are a translator and need help with a difficult term?
Conges allows you to ask a question if you are lost for words. Your question will be answered by TRADUguide members and you are invited to rate the best answer.

Word or phrase (max. 45 characters incl. spaces)

Language pair

Source language

Target language


Please describe the situation in which the term in question is used.


Technical / Engineering
Business / Marketing / Financial
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Level of difficulty:

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Difficult / demanding

Keywords (max. 100 characters incl. spaces)

Optional: Enter some keywords to further describe the term in question (e.g. market research, marketing).

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More information

What does Conges mean?

How does the Conges system work?

How to ask a question?

How to receive answers?

Why should I answer a question?

How to answer a Conges question?

What does Conges mean?

Conges is the abbreviation of congeniality and stands for a help feature with TRADUguide. This feature allows translators to help translators.

How does the Conges system work?

  • Conges allows you to ask a question if you are lost for words.
  • Your question will be forwarded to TRADUguide members who are experts on the particular special field.
  • They will provide you with answers - free of charge.
  • You are invited to rate the best answer - your way to say "Thanks".

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How to ask a question?

Click these top menu items: Conges Terminology Center | Ask a question.
This takes you to a form where you may enter you question. Before asking a question, please have the information below at hand:

  • Word or term to ask.
  • Language pair (e.g. English, Italian).
  • Context - Provide information where the word or term in question is generally used.
  • Keywords - Provide keywords relating to the context.
  • Your name and email address (not necessary if you are logged in).

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How to receive answers?

After having submitted your question you will be provided with answers by TRADUguide members. Every time an answer is supplied you will receive an email notification.

  • Click the link given in the email to read the answer.
  • Rate the answer that helped you best. (Click the "Rate this answer best" button).
  • Select one of three options to rate the answer - your way to say "Thanks".

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How to answer a question

Why should I answer a question?

First of all, you'll help your colleague. If you answer a question and your answer will be rated best by the asker you will be awarded Conges points.

Conges points determine your position in the TRADUguide directory. The more Conges points you have the better your position will be. Plus, your Conges points appear on your profile showing your experience in your special fields and language combinations.


  • Win up to 3 Conges points for answers on easy/medium questions.
  • Win up to 4 Conges points for answers on difficult/demanding questions.
  • Your Conges points will be shown in your profile.

How are my Conges points counted?

  • Everytime you are awarded Conges points they are added to your account.
  • The TRADUguide directory shows all your Conges points.
  • Your profile lists your Conges according to language pair and special field.

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How to answer a Conges question?

Normally, you will receive an email notification that someone has posted a question that matches your profile information. (Set your email settings to receive such notifications or not (Menu items to click: My profile | Email settings)).
Alternatively, you may select a question from the question list. (Menu items to click: Conges Terminology Center | Answer a question.)
Please note that you can answer a question only that has not been rated yet.

Steps to answer a question

  • Click the link provided in the email notification. Alternatively, click the question in the question list.
  • You will be taken to a page where you may enter your answer. Enter your answer, a comment and select your level of confidence.
  • Should you wish to be notified if there are comments on your answer by other TRADUguide members, please select the appropriate option.

What comes next?

  • The asker is invited to rate your answer. If he/she rates your answer best you will win Conges points.
  • Your Conges points will appear on your profile page as an indicator of your knowledge.
  • Plus, your Conges points will improve your position on the TRADUguide Directory. The more Conges points you have the better your position will be.

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