How to answer a Conges question?

Normally, you will receive an email notification that someone has posted a question that matches your profile information. (Set your email settings to receive such notifications or not (Menu items to click: MY PROFILE | EMAIL SETTINGS)).

Otherwise, you may select a question from the question list. (Menu items to click: CONGES QUESTIONS).

Please note that you can answer a question only that has not been rated yet.

Steps to answer a question

  • Click the link provided in the email notification. Alternatively, click the question in the question list.

  • You will be taken to a page where you may enter your answer.

  • Enter your answer, a comment and select your level of confidence.

  • Should you wish to be notified if there are comments on your answer by other TRADUguide members, please select the appropriate option.

What comes next?

  • The asker is invited to rate your answer. If he/she rates your answer best you will win Conges points.

  • Your Conges points will appear on your profile page as an indicator of your knowledge.

  • Plus, your Conges points will improve your position on the TRADUguide Directory. The more Conges points you have the better your position will be.

  • Important: Your profile and your directory entry will show your Conges points of the last 12 months only. (Click here to read more about conges ratings).

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