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Subtitle editors needed to join our team (10 languages)


We are looking for expert subtitlers and proofreaders to join our team of dynamic freelancers to work with us on exciting new projects. Freelancers/proofreaders must have a strong working knowledge of either Aegisub, Subtitle Edit or Subtitle Workshop and be either perfectly fluent or a native English speaker.



- Excellent English language skills (preferably Native English speakers, or fully bilingual with experience translating into English)
- You must be bilingual in both English and the source language
- At least 2 years of training or experience as a proven subtitler
- Experience working with Aegisub, Subtitle Edit or Subtitle Workshop
- Preferably a full-time freelancer with flexible schedule
- Total familiarity with subtitle reading speeds, time codes, line and positioning compliance and all restrictions relating to subtitling standard practices
- Ability to work on a tight schedule in a remote environment
- Strong communication skills

Source languages into English
1. French
2. Italian
3. Spanish
4. German
5. Portuguese
6. Russian
7. Chinese
8. Japanese
9. Korean
10. Arabic

Subtitle proofreaders must meet all the above criteria as well as the following:

- Native English subtitlers/proofreaders with at least 2-3 years of proven experience as a subtitle proofreader
- Ability to implement and conduct QA checks on translated subtitle files
- Excellent editorial skills in order to conduct quality check processes
- Ability to prepare a comprehensive report on each quality check process

Language pair(s)

French > English
Native language: English
Chinese > English
Native language: English
Arabic > English
Native language: English
Spanish > English
Native language: English
Portuguese > English
Native language: English
Russian > English
Native language: English
Italian > English
Native language: English
German > English
Native language: English
Japanese > English
Native language: English
Korean > English
Native language: English

About the outsourcer

The outsourcer information has been removed because this job posting has already been closed.

You cannot place a quote anymore because this job posting has already been closed.