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Potential request for translation quotes from freelance translators (no agencies please)

[Re-posting] Chinese translation agency is looking for translators specialising in automotive

1.This job is only for freelance translators, no translation agency please.
2.You should have some work or translation experience in Automotive area, that is you must be good at translating Automotive projects.
3.As there are many matches parts in our projects, CAT tools are used to keep the consistence of the terminology and thus there is a CAT discount.
4.This is a long term relation, that is there are consecutive projects from us.
5.Usually the CAT tool we use is XLIFF, if you haven't used it before, you should have interest learning it. Trados and other CAT tools are also used.
7.More info, contact me.

Example of text:
Notwendige Bedingungen: Feststellbremse bet?tigt, Gang in Position P, Bordinstrument ein
Elektronisch gesteuertes Bremssystem (ECB): Sperre
Das elektronisch gesteuerte Bremssystem (ECB) wurde gerade gesperrt
Das elektronisch gesteuerte Bremssystem (ECB) wurde erneut aktiviert
Entlüftung (bei Austausch/Entfernen der Bremspumpe oder des Bremspedal-Wegsimulators)
Notwendige Bedingungen: Feststellbremse bet?tigt, Gang in Position P, Bordinstrument ein, Stellgliedtemperatur nicht hoch
Modus-Steuerschalter ES-Startassistenzsystem (Fahrkomfort)
W?hrend der folgenden Phase werden die Magnetventile SMC2 und SLAFL (lineares Druckerh?hungsmagnetventil vorne links) für 10 Sekunden aktiviert
Modus-Steuerschalter ES-Startassistenzsystem (Fahrkomfort) - LANGSAM
Modus-Steuerschalter ES-Startassistenzsystem (Fahrkomfort) - SCHNELL
Elektronisch gesteuertes Bremssystem (ECB): Speicherdruckentladung
Diese Funktion wird verwendet, um das elektronisch gesteuerte Bremssystem (ECB) zu sperren, um Reparaturen am System durchzuführen.

Specialization required


Language pair(s)

German > Hungarian
Native language: Hungarian
German > Swedish
Native language: Swedish
German > Danish
Native language: Danish

About the outsourcer

The outsourcer information has been removed because this job posting has already been closed.

You cannot place a quote anymore because this job posting has already been closed.