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Request for translation quotes from freelance translators (no agencies please)

[RE-posting] Buscamos traductores/intérpretes para trabajar con la Policía de Cataluña

Buscamos intérpretes para trabajar con la Policía de Cataluña. Estamos buscando traductores/intérpretes de árabe, rumano, francés, inglés, chino, alemán, ruso, italiano, portugués, georgiano, polaco, búlgaro, albanés, serbocroata, tagal, punjabi, bangla, txec, mandinga, igbo, edo, bereber y urdu.
Interesados, enviad CV.
We are looking for interpreters to work with the Police in Cataluña. We are looking for Arabian, Romanian, French, English, Chinese, German, Russian, Italian, Portuguese, Georgian, Polish, Bulgarian, Albanese, Serbo-Croatian, Tagal, Punjabi, Bangla, Txec, Mandinga, Igbo,Edo, Berber and Urdu translators/interpreters.
Interested, send CV.

Language pair(s)

Spanish > German
Spanish > Russian
Spanish > Bulgarian
Spanish > Albanian
Spanish > Croatian
Spanish > Bengali
Spanish > Urdu
Spanish > Arabic
Spanish > Romanian
Spanish > French
Spanish > English
Spanish > Chinese
Spanish > Italian
Spanish > Portuguese
Spanish > Georgian
Spanish > Polish
Spanish > Punjabi
Spanish > Igbo

About the outsourcer

The outsourcer information has been removed because this job posting has already been closed.

You cannot place a quote anymore because this job posting has already been closed.