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You are a translator and wish to get your payment quicker?

Hinweis This article was sent by TRADUguide member Jose Martinez from Argentina.

The problem

You are a freelance translator or a translation agency and have been assigned a translation by a new customer. You are not sure whether the customer will pay in time or not.

The solution

If you are to deliver your translation in a Microsoft program, such as Word or Excel, you can password protect your translation. Should you not know how to password-protect a document, please refer to help of your MS software.

How to proceed in detail:

  • Do your translation as usual. Notify the client as soon as the translation is ready.
  • Password-protect your document and send it to the customer.
  • Inform the customer that s/he will get the password from you as soon as you have been paid.
  • Wait until the payment will have arrived. Then, send the password to the client.

It is recommended to agree upon an online payment before starting your work. There are several online payment tools on the web, such as Moneybookers or Paypal.