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Amanda Haste PhD, DipTrans(IoLET), MCIL, CL

Academic texts a speciality

I am a British-born translator and researcher based in France and I specialize in academic texts; I also teach translation at undergraduate and postgr...

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Désirée Martinez-Huber

Highest quality for your translation

State Exam: English and French (translation, linguistics, literary studies) at the Albert-Ludwigs-University of Freiburg i. Br. / Germany Numerous ...

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Ad augusta per angusta!

As a doctor in education, even if my native language is French, I spent my whole professional life doing my research in English. Beginning with my...

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Chinese Translation Agency, Chinese Translation Company

Chinese translator, translation service in China

Located in Qingdao, the beautiful coastal city and the partner city for 2008 Olympics, Qingdao OM Translation Co., Ltd. is a professional and qualifie...

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31313 visits to this profile


Daniel B. Harcz

Flexible, fast and accurate service

20 years of experience as a full-time translator and interpreter both into and from Hungarian. My translation company works from English into 256 lan...

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a team of French and American translators

Manager: PhD in English (Paris-Sorbonne), MA (International Public Law), Paris-Assas, Post Graduate at NYU (USA) 17 years as a free-lance translator ...

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324282 visits to this profile


Bohemian Dragomans®

Technische Fachübersetzungen ✓ 24 Stunden-Service ✓

ab 1998 aktiver Übersetzer & Dolmetscher...

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Emmanuel Mefoumena

beste Übersetzung und pünktliche Lieferung

RESUME NAMES: Mefoumena Mbala Joseph Emmanuel DATE AND PLACE OF BIRTH: 08/02/1978 et Koli (Center province, Yaounde - Cameroon ) NATIONALITY...

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Technical/Scientific translations-Oil&Gas/General Eng.

Let me know what you need and I'll get it done!

Hello, I am pleased to offer you our translation services. I lead a multidisciplinary collaborative group of translators that offer you high quality ...

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the best traduction, the finest French language

1999-2008 account manager : KPMG SA Clermont Ferrand (contracts, legal, advisor, taxes and pay calculation, assistance in case of legal inspection, l...

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Vikramaditya Mathur

German, French, Italian, Russian - combined interpreter

October 1996 – to date : GERMAN TRANSLATOR/ INTERPRETER/ EDUCATOR. Active in branches like chemistry, engineering, information technology, techn...

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Reliable translations for a reasonable price


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Stay curious!

07/2006 - TODAY MCB Translations, Business line / Branche: Translation & Localization Degree in Translation and Int...

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55388 visits to this profile


Travod International
United Kingdom

We translate your URGENT needs!

Here at TRAVOD International we focus on you, the customer. We know you are looking for excellence in translation, local subject matter experts and a ...

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point virgule, Sylvie Colombel

le mot juste

Native French translator with an academic degree in English from a French University. Expatriated in the Netherlands since many years and on the edge...

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Let's combine our talents!

I've been translating books (philosophy of sciences) during the 4 past years. - Réinventer le Sacré : une nouvelle vision de la Science, de...

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2087 visits to this profile



Julie Kamokoue

Fast, reliable

I am a professional English to French Translator. I have worked for the past 4 years and have acquired much experience in various fields as a Project ...

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I am a freelance translator who works with 4 languages (portuguese, french, english and spanish). I make translations concerning economics, justice, m...

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Le Villageois Global


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Yves Clees - Translation works

private translator - support on marketing campaign - detecting potential target markets

Working all my life in using different languages, 1981-1991 in a telecom center for the Luxembourgian state ministry, 1991-2004 as business partner an...

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