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European Translation Centre Ltd

HQ and organiser of TARI Translators Against Racism International

ETCLTD * EUROPEAN TRANSLATION CENTRE LTD 3 RUE ROUGET DE L'ISLE, 34310 CAPESTANG, FRANCE TEL. Geneva: ++41 22 548 07 36 TEL UK: ++44-20-32861442 ...

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Marina Kolodizner

Certified Translator (Canada), Membre de plein droit de l'Union des traducteurs de Russie, 25 years

Marina Kolodizner Certified Translator and Member of the Canadian Translators and Interpreters Council Membre de plein droit de l’Union des t...

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Leon Ivanov, Dr., Dipl.-Kfm.

Verbatim et litteratim

Dr. philol. (Rus), Dipl.-Kfm. (Univ. Hagen) Dipl.-Übers. Englisch (Univ. Kiev), BDÜ Mitglied, 20 Jahre Erfahrung als Dolmetscher und Ü...

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Chinese Translation Agency, Chinese Translation Company

Chinese translator, translation service in China

Located in Qingdao, the beautiful coastal city and the partner city for 2008 Olympics, Qingdao OM Translation Co., Ltd. is a professional and qualifie...

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Daniel B. Harcz

Flexible, fast and accurate service

20 years of experience as a full-time translator and interpreter both into and from Hungarian. My translation company works from English into 256 lan...

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Bohemian Dragomans®

Technische Fachübersetzungen ✓ 24 Stunden-Service ✓

ab 1998 aktiver Übersetzer & Dolmetscher...

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Precision and punctuality

I am a physician and linguist. I translated medical books when still in practice. I adopted translation and transcription as a profession since I ...

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Vikramaditya Mathur

German, French, Italian, Russian - combined interpreter

October 1996 – to date : GERMAN TRANSLATOR/ INTERPRETER/ EDUCATOR. Active in branches like chemistry, engineering, information technology, techn...

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Julia Pavlova

Übersetzungen ins Russische und Französische- schnell, qualitativ und nicht teuer!

1985-1995 - allgemeinbildende Schule in Baki (Aserbaidschan) mit erweitertem Französischunterricht 1995-1999 - Aserbaidschani...

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Travod International
United Kingdom

We translate your URGENT needs!

Here at TRAVOD International we focus on you, the customer. We know you are looking for excellence in translation, local subject matter experts and a ...

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1552 visits to this profile



Alex Glon
Russian Federation

The Best Translation


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naderc translation agency

best translation

email: skype: nader11163 NADERC TRANSLATION AGENCY specializes in all classic languages transition services including localiz...

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Nobody is perfect but a team can be!

I have a PhD in Comparative Linguistics and a second one in Cultural Anthropology. I have been living abroad for ten years and I have a long experienc...

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DailyTranslate Ltd

Affordable Online Translation Services

DailyTranslate is a UK-based company that offers professional online translation services and other language services in more than 100 languages. Even...

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Yuliya Kinash
Czech Republic

Fortune favours the brave!

The professional experience as a translator is more than 17 years. I perform all translations accurately and within the time agreed upon. I am a...

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qualified translator


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We'll take you Worldwide


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Hero Translating
Czech Republic

Real translation for intelligent production

We are an international translation agency that provides high-end language services in Czech, Slovak, English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Portu...

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Aquila Translation

Your Partner for all Languages

AQUILA is a team of professional translators who have joined their efforts to provide top quality translation services. We believe that quality transl...

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Bayville Languages
South Africa

African & Rare Languages Translation Services


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