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Juryman Translations

10 years of translation, ten years of client satisfaction

7 years of Experience Main regular clients include: -DIXIT GLOBAL SOLUTION 1567 Route des Pujets 06700 St Laurent du Var FRANCE -LINGUASPIRIT ...

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a team of French and American translators

Manager: PhD in English (Paris-Sorbonne), MA (International Public Law), Paris-Assas, Post Graduate at NYU (USA) 17 years as a free-lance translator ...

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Bohemian Dragomans®

Technische Fachübersetzungen ✓ 24 Stunden-Service ✓

ab 1998 aktiver Übersetzer & Dolmetscher...

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Precision and punctuality

I am a physician and linguist. I translated medical books when still in practice. I adopted translation and transcription as a profession since I ...

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Reliable translations for a reasonable price


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United States

Specialist in semiotics, social sciences and general linguistics


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SouthVenture Translations

Accuracy - Full-time dedication - Fast turnaround

Certified translators Technical-sicentific translators Professional interpreters Professional subtitlers 15+ experience CONTACT INFO E-mails: ...

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Evelyn Harrison I
United States

Translator / Interpreter

Español A - Inglés A - Portugués B - Francés B - Italiano B Info. Biográfica Presta Servicios de: Interpretació...

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Siewe valdo

Nous prenons en compte le detail

Master degree in translation-University of Dschang-Cameroon...

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