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Featured membership

  • Individual listing in the TRADUguide directory:
    • In front of all regular members
    • Including your photograph (optional)
  • Distinctive profile page including:
    • Your photograph (optional)
    • Your downloadable CV (optional)
  • Random display of your screen name, slogan and photograph on the TRADUguide home page (photo required)
  • Automatic job notification by email
  • Quoting on posted jobs
  • Automatic referral - job posters are redirected to your directory listing (when appropriate)
  • Access to Conges Terminology Help
  • Posting of language-related jobs to get quotes from other language professionals
  • Quick contact through group email to hand-picked TRADUguide members
  • Easy applications through access to the translation agencies list
    • Group email to translation agencies

Low rates:

  • US$ 120 (for 12 months)
  • US$ 80 (for 6 months)

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Benefits of a featured membership:

Best exposure

You will be among the first listings to be found when a potential client searches the TRADUguide directory. (Regular members are listed behind all featured members).
Plus, you will be listed in the regular members' list with a highlighted listing.
Your photo or logo, your screen name and slogan will be randomly displayed on the TRADUguide home page (photo or logo required).
After having posted a job, job posters are redirected to your directory listing (when your profile matches the job requirements).

Easy applications

You will have access to the list of translation agencies and may contact many translation agencies at a time via Group Email.
Group Email makes it easy for you to apply to many translation agencies - you compose your application once and it will be sent to all the translation agencies you selected for group email simultaneously.

Your photo or logo

A picture can say more than a thousand words - you may upload your photo or logo that will appear not only on your profile but also on your directory listing.
You may upload your CV / Résumé as a file that can be downloaded from your profile page right away by potential clients.

Low rates

Rates are from US$ 80 (for 6 months) or from US$ 120 (for 12 months) - just one job may pay back your investment!


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