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Irene Fried | Paraphrase Services

High quality translations since 1999!

Non-Fiction: · Gary Vaynerchuk: Zwölfeinhalb Soft Skills für beruflichen Erfolg: Mit diesen Eigenschaften schöpfen Sie Ihr Potenz...

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Übersetzungsbüro Jana Paul

Internationale Fachübersetzungen, beeidigte Übersetzungen, Kooperation mit Anwälten und Ingenieuren, Schwerpunkt Englisch, alle gängigen europäischen ...

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Bohemian Dragomans®

Technische Fachübersetzungen ✓ 24 Stunden-Service ✓

ab 1998 aktiver Übersetzer & Dolmetscher...

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Chinese Translation Agency, Chinese Translation Company

Chinese translator, translation service in China

Located in Qingdao, the beautiful coastal city and the partner city for 2008 Olympics, Qingdao OM Translation Co., Ltd. is a professional and qualifie...

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Ausgebildete Übersetzerin (Englisch-Französisch-Spanisch), langjährige Praxis in der ORG & DV eines amerik. Konzerns. Später Fach&...

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Daniel B. Harcz

Flexible, fast and accurate service

20 years of experience as a full-time translator and interpreter both into and from Hungarian. My translation company works from English into 256 lan...

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Niko Osvald

Experience is the key

Translation agency Alkemist (Slovenia) Translation agency Julija (Slovenia) Translation agency Sprachenmax (Germany) DOBA EPIS (Slovenia) Alstar d...

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MB Translation Service

We love languages

Betriebswirtin, staatlich geprüfte Übersetzerin, zweisprachig aufgewachsen, 20 Jahre Berufserfahrung, davon 8 Jahre im Ausland Graduate in ...

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EN Translations - Ratiu

Expert translator (10 years), EN Native

I am a native English speaker, with more than 10 years experience as translator. I have large experience in translation area, and I have covered so...

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Fast translations

Sworn translator, MA in Linguistics and Business Administration/ Marketing (University of North Texas), several years of experience in translating tec...

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Professional Translations


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clawitter-translations, Claudia Jones, M.A.
United States

connecting the world one word at a time

Native languages: English (US) and German Specializations: art history, literature, social sciences/humanities, psychology, psychiatry, biology, to...

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Beglaubigte Übersetzerin Deutsch-Spanisch, Englisch

25 Jahre Übersetzungen Wirtschaft,Versicherungen,Finanzen,HR,erneuerb. Energien,Bildung,Tourismus

Mein Name ist Birgit Klyssek, ich bin Fachübersetzerin Englisch Deutsch und Spanisch Deutsch und organisiere mein inhabergeführtes Über...

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Professional English Editor - more than 30 years experience working with translations from German into English

BA Honours Degree German Studies 1979-1999 Economics Officer, British Embassy, Bonn, Germany 2000-2017 Chief English Editor, Economic Research Dept,...

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Gabuna Übersetzungen

Medizinische Übersetzungen

Four years of training at the Institute of Applied Linguistics (Schule für Angewandte Linguistik) Experienced translator especially in the fie...

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Vikramaditya Mathur

German, French, Italian, Russian - combined interpreter

October 1996 – to date : GERMAN TRANSLATOR/ INTERPRETER/ EDUCATOR. Active in branches like chemistry, engineering, information technology, techn...

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Expert knowlegde and language knowledge

Geologist (PhD), scientific work including translation, editing, and composition of specialized and general texts for many years. Focus on earth scien...

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Parlez - vous legalese?

More than a million words translated!

Law graduate of the University of London. Legal translator since 2004. Extensive experience in the translation of all sorts of documents ranging fro...

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Katharina Lanz


After many years as an in-house translator, interpreter and proofreader in the plastics processing industry I would like to offer my expertise in tran...

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