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Wendy Cross
United Kingdom

Culture, literature, marketing, politics

I am a freelance translator and occasional interpreter with thirteen years' experience. Prior to this I taught languages for many years and also have ...

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Spanish TRanslator

Spanish TRanslator

I have been associated with language related work for the past 9 years. Have been engaged in translation, voice over, interpretation, guiding and fore...

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Eren Kutlu Carni

Freelance translator with 15-year experience. Expert in CAT Tools


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Mareschi, LL.M.

English for professionals

Ich bin Editor in Chief vom online Verlag The Legal Professional und Gründerin von LegalEnglish online consultancy. An der Kölner Universit...

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United States

Accuracy Plus!

Forty plus years experience as a foreign language teacher/translator Translation and proofreading services...

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Aneta Maier Language Partner Übersetzungsbüro


Language Partner Übersetzungsbüro mit Sitz in Aalen Inh. Dipl. -Übers. Aneta Sojka-Maier Beeidigte Übersetzerin für di...

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DailyTranslate Ltd

Affordable Online Translation Services

DailyTranslate is a UK-based company that offers professional online translation services and other language services in more than 100 languages. Even...

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United States

Specialist in semiotics, social sciences and general linguistics


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Aquila Translation

Your Partner for all Languages

AQUILA is a team of professional translators who have joined their efforts to provide top quality translation services. We believe that quality transl...

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"A different language is a different view of life"

"If you speak to a person in a language he understands, you speak to his head. If you speak to him in his language, you speak to his heart."

Self-employed : Translation / Administrative management / Operational management From July 2022 Appen / Aspena / OneForma -->Remote / Worldwide ...

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Pronto Translations
United States

Affordable. Quality. Fast.

Our expertise lies in translating and localizing a range of materials including marketing documents, public relations content, websites, press release...

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Featured members result page: 1  2 

Click here to search the directory for all Spanish to English freelance translators and translation agencies

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