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Feedback Forum

Questions and answers (Terms of use)

For translation providers

For translation outsourcers

How Feedback works

The TRADUguide Feedback Forum is a searchable database which includes whois information about translation outsourcers and the feedback that their business partners (translation providers) have left for them.

Translation providers can rate their clients (the translation outsourcers) by leaving feedback. Each feedback consists of a rating and a short comment. Translation outsourcers can reply to feedback left.

Feedback ratings are used to calculate an outsourcer's feedback score. Translation providers rate the professionalism, communication, and willingness to pay in time of an outsourcer with 0 to 5 stars (5 stars). The higher the score, the more positive ratings an outsourcer has earned. The sum of all ratings makes the average feedback score.

Leaving a sincere comment about a translation outsourcer gives other TRADUguide members a good idea of what to expect when dealing with this outsourcer. All feedback left become a permanent part of this outsourcer's profile.

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Who has access to the outsourcers' feedback profiles

The feedback scores are open to all users of this site. The complete profile of an outsourcer is open to all registered members of as follows:

Guest members may redeem 1 of 3 free credits to view a single outsourcer profile completely. (Once used the complete profile remains visible permanently.)

Featured members have unlimited access to ALL outsourcer profiles including whois information and feedback comments.

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Who can leave feedback

Registered members (the translation providers) of can leave feedback on their clients (the translation outsourcers) provided they have worked on a project for a particular outsourcer and delivered their work on time without quality complaints by the outsourcer. A translation provider may NOT use the Feedback Forum to threaten an outsourcer.

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How to leave feedback on a particular outsourcer

Click the "Leave feedback" link from the "Feedback tools" menu and rate the outsourcer's professionalism, communication, and willingness to pay. Plus, you must enter a short feedback comment (<200 characters). All feedback will be checked by a moderator. This is usually done within 1 day of the feedback being left.

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How often can a translation provider leave feedback on an outsourcer

A translation provider can leave one (1) feedback on a particular outsourcer per year. As soon as this period has elapsed s/he can leave another feedback provided s/he has worked for this outsourcer again.

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How to add an outsourcer who is not listed yet

An outsourcer can only be listed once. Before adding an outsourcer it is recommended to search the database using the "Find outsourcers" link from the "Feedback tools" menu.

Registered members of can add outsourcers who are not listed yet. Click the "Add a new outsourcer" link from the "Feedback tools" menu and enter as much details as you have. All suggestions will be checked by a moderator. This is usually done within 1 day of the suggestion being made.

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How to call others for feedback on an outsourcer who is listed

Registered members of can call other members for feedback on a particular outsourcer who has already been listed. Click the "Call for feedback" link from the "Feedback tools" menu and enter as much details as you have. All calls will be checked by a moderator. This is usually done within 1 day of the call for feedback being made. You can call for feedback on a particular outsourcer once per month.

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How to respond to feedback

Rated translation outsourcers can respond to feedback. At the time the feedback is left an email is sent to the particular outsourcer. Follow the link provided in the email. You can enter one (1) reply (<200 characters) per feedback. Alternatively, you can send your reply to (please see contact page for the email address) including the name of the translation provider who has left the feedback. All replies will be checked by a moderator. This is usually done within 1 day of the reply being sent.

If you feel the feedback is not related to you, please contact immediately (for example, if the translation provider has not worked for you). You must not use your right to reply to threaten a member.

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How to hide a feedback comment

Translation outsourcers may request to hide a feedback comment. Please contact and send your reason for hiding. Both the translation provider and the translation outsourcer must agree.

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Privacy of translation outsourcers strictly respects the privacy of translation outsourcers. Please contact immediately if you wish to change or remove your whois information and explain what you wish to be removed and your reasons.

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Which feedback do I find inside?

Find ratings of an outsourcer's:

  • Professionalism
  • Communication
  • Willingness to pay in time

Plus, short feedback comments.

Find outsourcers by country

Important Please select the country the outsourcer is located in.

Important If the outsourcer you are looking for resides in a country NOT listed here you are invited to add this outsourcer. Click here to add an outsourcer.