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Translation into Maltese: Why?

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Firstly, translations into Maltese will be needed because all EU laws and official documents will need to be translated into Maltese.

The European Union will take in ten new countries in May 2004. After the enlagement, the EU will have about 20 official languages, including Maltese.

EU language Maltese: Lack of Maltese translators?

Maltese translators are rare. The Times of Malta wrote: "EU use of Maltese language at risk for lack of translators". And yes, Maltese translators are hard to find.

What about Maltese translators in the TRADUguide?

TRADUguide has also met this challenge and enlarged its language portfolio by 60 languages, including the new official EU language Maltese.

EU languages: Maltese and English

Malta has two official languages, Maltese and English.

Maltese language: Maltese is a Semitic language

Maltese, whose closest languages are Maghrebi Arabic, Syrian, Lebanese and Palestinian, is the only Semitic language which is written in Roman alphabet ( 

Maltese translations from Maltese translators

Translators network (Maltese)
Maltese into English


Translators network (Maltese)
English into Maltese

European colleagues help finding the best equivalent

EU is based on a diversity of different cultures and different languages. To wrestle with the challenge of finding the best equivalent you may contact your European colleagues:
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