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Conges terminology question

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15 months ago

Christine Keitsch (a guest user) asked this question:

Language pair:

German > English


Technical / Engineering

Level of diffculty:

Easy / medium

Word or term in question:








The answer of Michaela Dudley  See profile was rated best

Broad reach

My comment:

The German term “Raumschot”, more frequently “Raumschotskurs”, defines a navigational course in sailing. More specifically, it refers to the point of sail at which the vessel is sailing away from the wind, but not exactly downwind. The apparent wind can come from any direction ranging from abeam to on the quarter, as long as the bow is roughly 135 degrees to the wind source and the sails are almost entirely let out.

Deutschsprachig erläutert: Der Wind kommt eher achterlich als querab. Er kommt also schräg von hinten. Dabei fällt er mit zwar mehr als 90, aber weniger als ca. 170 Grad ein. Zudem nennt man den auf diesem Kurs erlebten Wind auch “Backstagsbrise”.

My references:

Professional nautical experience (licensed); recreational sailing;