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Conges terminology question

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10 months ago

French-English-French  See profile asked this question:

Language pair:

French > English


Arts / Entertainment

Level of diffculty:

Difficult / demanding

Word or term in question:

frères donats


L’ordre se compose de « chevaliers » et de « frères donats » ou « servants », les premiers en principe issu de la noblesse, les seconds « hommes estimables, jouissant dans la société de toute la considération attachée au mérite, à la fortune, et distingués par leur éducation » (source : Précis historique, pp. 95 à 106). Il comporte quatre cent cinquante membres, hors la famille royale).



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Answers on this question

10 months ago

martynback  See my profile wrote:

Don't translate it

My comment:

Leave it in French. Same for "chevaliers" and "servants". Make sure "servants" is in italics so it's clear you're using the French term (they weren't servants!). This is talking about the French chivalric order system, so it's better to leave the terms in French.

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Comments by other colleagues on this answer:

10 months ago

martynback  See profile wrote:

If this is specifically about the order of Malta, "frère servant/frère donat" is "servant brother" and "chevalier" is "knight".

10 months ago

Marie-Claire  See profile wrote:

I agree.

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