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Rupert Kindermann

20 years experience - Economy - Finance - Investment - Legal - Technical

20 years of English-only - lived and worked in England (near London, 7 years), USA (Los Angeles, 7 years) and Denmark (Copenhagen, 7 years). Profes...

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dolmetschen, übersetzen


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Joachim Kehr


Dr.- Ing. Joachim Kehr Expert for Technical/Engineering Translations My experience is based on over 30 years in the International ...

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Barbara Tinschert

Sprachenservice Tinschert : weil Sprache verbindet

Ausbildung am Sprachen- und Dolmetscher-Institut München (Deutschland) Staatliche Prüfung für Übersetzer in Französisch V...

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Sprachen verbinden

Fremdsprachenkauffrau in den angegebenen Sprachkombinationen mit mehr als 30jähriger Übersetzungserfahrung im internationalen Vertrieb; m...

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Arvid Eldring
Slovak Republic

Engineer-30 years experience in technical translations

Profile Name Arvid Kolbjørn Eldring Adress Mytna 401 98553 Mytna/Okres Lucenec Slovakia Mobil +421(948)098 754 e-mail ecd...

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Reliable, meticulous, always on time

My husband George Thundiparambil and me work as freelancers for the past 22 years. We do almost any translation except legal texts. We are specia...

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Angelika Inglis

German-English / English-German translator - professional, reliable and fast service

I am a German national, but emigrated to the UK in 1990 where I lived for 30 years until moving to France in December 2020. In 1994 I was awarded the ...

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specialist translation services

30 years experience. Qualified A.C.I.S., and A.C.I.I., London Resident in a German-speakinhg country 30 years. Work for upwards of 200 agencies and...

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European Translation Centre Ltd

HQ and organiser of TARI Translators Against Racism International

ETCLTD * EUROPEAN TRANSLATION CENTRE LTD 3 RUE ROUGET DE L'ISLE, 34310 CAPESTANG, FRANCE TEL. Geneva: ++41 22 548 07 36 TEL UK: ++44-20-32861442 ...

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Holger Laux
United Kingdom

I can help, not only in German.

graduate translator and interpreter (Leipzig 1992) experienced agency manager (University of Bristol 1995-2010) many contacts in various languages, ...

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Dipl.Übersetzerin D-F-E gerichtl.beeidigt

1973 Abschluss als Diplom-Übersetzerin (Uni Mainz in Germersheim) für Französisch und Englisch. 1982 Gerichtliche Beeidigung fü...

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Désirée Martinez-Huber

Highest quality for your translation

State Exam: English and French (translation, linguistics, literary studies) at the Albert-Ludwigs-University of Freiburg i. Br. / Germany Numerous ...

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Dr. Mara Huber

Dolmetschen + Übersetzen, beglaubigt, Lektorat * certified translations and interpreting, editing

See more details on my websites: (English) (Deutsch, mit Blog) Starting 1984: ...

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4286 visits to this profile



United States

Well-written, on-time translations by an experienced professional

I am an opera singer and writer with a doctorate from U.C. Berkeley and an undergraduate degree from Cornell University. A native speaker of U.S. En...

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Julia Cooper
United Kingdom

Reliable and experienced translator

I am a reliable and experienced translator, proofreader and editor, with over 28 years translation experience working in government departments, trans...

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as free as possible


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15537 visits to this profile


Charlotte Milstein

Fast, Excellent, Honest and Accurate

I have been working as a freelance translator since 2000. I am completely fluent in both English and German and the variety of areas in which I have...

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6574 visits to this profile



Sophie Paterson
United Kingdom

Creative and reliable

SPECIALIZATIONS: Literary translation, Tourism, Travel, Media, Journalism, Business, Health, Education, Culture, General. TRANSLATION CREDE...

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Irene Fried | Paraphrase Services

High quality translations since 1999!

Non-Fiction: • Clayton Christensen, Karen Dillon u. Efosa Ojomo, Das Wohlstandsparadox – Warum klassische Entwicklungshilfe scheitert un...

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