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<< Next Japanese > Japanese request

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Japanese > Japanese: Transcribers required - Lyrics Project [Japanese]

Japanese Transcription Project for next 03 months - We have a huge volume of 9000 songs to be transcribed in Japanese Language. (You can choose the volume and earn USD 2 in 30 mins)

These songs should be transcribed and delivered back to the client via the online tool. Transcribers will be given a spreadsheet with the song names, its URL/links, deadlines, and other details. Transcribers will accordingly transcribe-proofread the allocated songs and deliver them to us via email. We will then upload the files on the client’s online tool.

Rate/Payment Terms:
• The rate for this project will be USD 2 per Song! This will be flat rate – across all types/genres and irrespective of the duration. There might be a pop song as small as 2 minutes versus a lengthy rock song of 9 minutes – but know that mostly all songs have intro/outro music and repetitive chorus sections.
• The payout cycle will be 40 days, i.e. for work completed in May 2017, invoice will be shared on/before 10th June 2017, and payout will be done on/before July 2017.

Additionally, be rest assured we have many other Ongoing and Upcoming transcription projects, which is more work from us.

Specialization required


Language pair(s)

Japanese > Japanese
Native language: Japanese

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