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Conges terminology question

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3 months ago

Barbara R. Cochran, MFA  See profile asked this question:

Language pair:

Italian > English



Level of diffculty:

Easy / medium

Word or term in question:

risollevare le sorti del suo paese


All'inizio del 1763, terminato il conflitto, nel corso del quale si era fatto conoscere e aveva svolto diverse importanti missioni diplomatiche, comcinciò a pensare cosa avrebbe potuto fare per risollevare le sorti del suo paese.

France's defeat in the Seven Years War.



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Answers on this question

3 months ago

plaisirsdelavie  See my profile wrote:

to put his country back on its feet /to help his country recover

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3 months ago

exegete  See my profile wrote:

improve the fortunes of his country

My references:

Web occurrence (same sentence in 3 different websites):

" 'Hunt the Banker' by Alexander Lebedev | Waterstones ":

"Lebedev reveals his access to inside sources of information, with policemen and secret policemen slipping him memoirs and transcripts of episodes which would otherwise have remained unknown. It is ultimately a portrait of a political system which ensures that genuine attempts to ***improve the fortunes of his country*** and its citizens are built on sand."


It is also what my good-quality automatic translator had given me:

WordReference IT-EN: :

COLLINS page: "sorte [ˈsɔrte]: sf (fato) fate, destiny; (caso) chance"

WORDREF. page: "tentare la sorte = tentare la fortuna : to temp fate, to tempt the fates"

"FORTUNE" in English explanatory dictionary: :

"b. fortunes: The turns of luck in the course of one's life."

"5. fortunes: varied occurrences that happen or are to happen to a person in life."

"plural noun: destiny, life, lot, experiences, history, condition, success, means, circumstances, expectation, adventures. E.g.: She kept up with the fortunes of the family."

(EN>ES) "he restored the company's fortunes: restableció la prosperidad de la empresa, devolvió el éxito a la compañía"


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Comments by other colleagues on this answer:

3 months ago

exegete  See profile wrote:

Barbara, Apparently there is a standard translation for this, as mentioned in the Collins section of WordReference: "risollevare le sorti di qc : to ***improve the chances of*** sth" => "improve the chances of his country". I had answered "improve the fortunes of his country": "fortune" is synonymous with "luck" (thus "chance") and "destiny, fate", so my translation was just a little bit more literary, which might fit the style of your text. I guess "improve the situation in his country" could work too, it all depends if it's internal politics or foreign affairs... See Wordreference for "risollevare": and see the meanings for "fortune" in English: (like the main meanings of "fortune" in French: - so it does not only mean "wealth").

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3 months ago

Josephine Cassar  See my profile wrote:

what he could do to sort out the mess his country was in

My comment:

Depending on the register though-or what he could have done to

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Comments by other colleagues on this answer:

3 months ago

exegete  See profile wrote:

Josephine, The Collins dictionary in WordReference says: "risollevare le sorti di qc : to ***improve the chances of*** sth": ."Sorting out the mess" is a bit different.

3 months ago

Josephine Cassar  See profile wrote:

exagete-true but no need to be literal here and, as I said, depends on context

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