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Conges terminology question

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5 months ago

Gisele A.C. (a guest user) asked this question:

Language pair:

English > Portuguese



Level of diffculty:

Easy / medium

Word or term in question:



Organizational silos are structures that separate employees into individual groups. Although professionals work at the same company, they only communicate and collaborate with colleagues in the same silo as them.


silos in business



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Answers on this question

5 months ago

Helena el Masri  See my profile wrote:

Grupo de Trabalho

My comment:

I would say Grupo de Trabalho ou Divisão depending on the company (SMBs vs multinationals). The word silo originally referred to storage containers for grain or missiles, but it is now used as a metaphor for separate entities that stockpile information and effectively seal it in. In business, organizational silos refer to business divisions that operate independently and avoid sharing information.

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