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Conges terminology question

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4 months ago

Rosa (a guest user) asked this question:

Language pair:

French > English



Level of diffculty:

Easy / medium

Word or term in question:

MI dt


monoparésie MI dt
amyotrophie quadriceps et jambier
troubles sensitifs objectifs (+)

I don't know what the MI means or stands for here - I think that dt is short for droite but unsure (wouldn't it be dte?)


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4 months ago

Ffion Marianne Moyle  See profile wrote:

Lower Right Leg - or just - Right Leg

My comment:

Partial loss of [voluntary] function in lower right leg; progressive wasting of muscle tissue resulting in sensitive if not troubled hamstring [area]

4 months ago

CMD  See profile wrote:

right lower limb/extremity

My comment:

MI dt : membre inférieur droit

Comments by other colleagues on this answer:

4 months ago

CMD  See profile wrote:

"The proper way to describe the lower limb is the lower extremity." cf,thigh%2C%20leg%2C%20and%20foot. [ibid "The proper way to describe the lower limb is the lower extremity." etc.] -- ad lower limb : --- ad lower extremity (def) :

4 months ago

CMD  See profile wrote:

MI dt = RLE or RLL [RLE : right lower extremity ; RLL : right lower limb] NB cf ; cf

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