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Conges terminology question

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2 months ago

isa_g  See profile asked this question:

Language pair:

English > Spanish


Software / IT

Level of diffculty:

Difficult / demanding

Word or term in question:



Automatic Emotion detection
Numerous industries are using emotion detection techniques to have an overview on their customers’ feelings towards provided services or products. Sentiment Analysis is a text-based approach applied to customers written feedback on social media, chatbots or websites in order to extract a polarity (negative or positive). [...]
Recently, transformer-based language models have shown an impressive performance as they are pre-entrained with a huge amount of unlabeled data making the need of labeled data lower.
Nota: por favor, no sugiráis "pre-entrenado" a no ser que estéis completamente segur@s o tengáis referencia fiable.
Muchas gracias


Uso de bots de IA (inteligencia artificial) en los servicios de atención al cliente


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2 months ago

CMD  See profile wrote:

ya configurado con

My comment:

NB : to entrain = to incorporate (inter alia!) vs. to train = entrenar, formar ...

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2 months ago

Margarita Viada  See profile wrote:

cargados previamente

My comment:

Sugeriría: ...puesto que se cargan previamente con datos...