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Conges terminology question

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10 months ago

übersetzen, dolmetschen  See profile asked this question:

Language pair:

English > German


Technical / Engineering

Level of diffculty:

Easy / medium

Word or term in question:

dummy rim


Es handelt sich um einen Prüfstand und einen Text, der leider von keinem Muttersprachler verfasst wurde. Kennt jemand diesen Begriff und kann mir bitte sagen, was das ist? Ich konnte nichts finden.

*Dummy rim* is part on which are connected all bars and through the #1.19.1 – *Dummy rim* is connected specimen via #1.19.2 – Load cell.
Between the #1.19.2 – Load cell and the #1.19.1 – *Dummy rim* should be located #1.19.3 – spacer. The #1.19.3 – spacer should be used only in case, that specimen is too big and is not possible install it without #1.19.3 – spacer. Using the #1.19.3 – spacer increased parasitic load to the test rig and decreased maximal reachable parameters.



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Answers on this question

10 months ago

Joachim Kehr  See my profile wrote:


My comment:

Ich würde sagen: Blindabschluss (siehe ähnliche Begriffe:

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