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Conges terminology question

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8 months ago

Estonish  See profile asked this question:

Language pair:

English > Spanish



Level of diffculty:

Easy / medium

Word or term in question:

how do i find prices for translation jobs,





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Answers on this question

8 months ago

exegete  See my profile wrote:

See below.

My comment:

These are mostly rates between freelance translators and agencies (intermediaries, who get lower rates than end-customers, as the latter do all the marketing work and the project management; they also provide more work to freelancers than one-shot end-customers):

Let's say that on average in Western continental Europe, rates for intermediaries are about EUR 0.10 per source word (i.e. EUR 0.05 - 0.12) and rates for end-customers are about EUR 0.20 per source word, i.e. EUR 0.15 - 0.22, according to several factors like:
- work out of office hours (evening, week-end, bank holiday, night);
- emergency (thus forcing freelancers to refuse other orders with the risk of losing customers, which has a price);
- source texts that cause delays: hard to read, many small files to handle, pdf format, many mistakes (non-proofread draft, non-native author, typos, etc);
- etc.

What customers buy is TIME as transposed into per-word fees.

The higher the fee and the longer the production delay, the more the freelance translator will be able to CHECK everything he or she is not 100% sure of - as translation professors highly recommend in translation schools, a thing that amateur (i.e. untrained) "translators" are totally unaware of...

UNO's norm for their own translators is 1,650 source words per day.

The volume of 2,000 source words per day thus entails evening work...

Terminology management is part of the translation process.

Translation consists mainly in RESEARCHING about the MEANING of the source text and about bilingual TERMINOLOGY, which then has to be SAVED in appropriate DATABASES.

It might involve a lot of READING, for example websites in the target language about the same subject, in order to EXTRACT THE TERMINOLOGY.

That is "behind-the-scenes" work that the customer doesn't see.

A good translator has a higher level than that of most authors, so as to be able to compensate for authors' mistakes (typos, ill-constructed and non-proofread sentences, etc).

A Master's degree in Translation is 4 or 5 years of studies (studying 3 languages, specializing in various translation fields: legal, technical, linguistics, general culture, etc).

After 5 years of full-time experience, a translator has reached a good level and acquired an all-round experience.

Please feel free to ask if you have any other question about translation and translation fees.

We normally say "fees", not "rates": this is intellectual work.

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8 months ago

egi  See my profile wrote:

Como encuentro precios para trabajos de traduccion?

My comment:

Forgive my lack of puntuation quotation at beginning and accents marks were omitted from "como" and "traduccion" on the o, while working from my phone.

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8 months ago

Peonia Kempenich  See my profile wrote:

Just request a quote for your document from a professional translator/agency. I'll be ahappy to help! Contact me: pkempenich at gmail dot com

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Comments by other colleagues on this answer:

8 months ago

Peonia Kempenich  See profile wrote:

Or click on my name and it'll bring you to my profile, then click "Contact me by mail" :) Easy-breezy!

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8 months ago

Guido Castañeda  See my profile wrote:

Ask a professional

My comment:

A professional translator can give you translation prices.

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8 months ago

Claudia  See my profile wrote:

¿Cómo encuentro precios para trabajos de tradución?

My comment:

It is a question depending on the contest you can write or not the question marks.

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