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Conges terminology question

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10 days ago

Gisele (a guest user) asked this question:

Language pair:

English > Portuguese


Technical / Engineering

Level of diffculty:

Easy / medium

Word or term in question:

Trip Wire


Safety trip wire



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Answers on this question

10 days ago

LOGOS TRANSLATIONS  See my profile wrote:


My comment:

pode ser também o "fio de ativação".

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Comments by other colleagues on this answer:

8 days ago

exegete  See profile wrote:

I agree. After research, it appears that the translation might depend on what kind of "trip wire / tripwire" it is: : "tripwire (invisible wire that triggers [sth]) (fio que detona uma bomba) disparador" DEFINITION: : "trip wire: a wire stretched close to the ground that activates something (***a trap or camera or weapon***) when tripped over" Also: "trip wire: a small military force that serves as a first line of defense; if they become engaged in hostilities it will trigger the intervention of stronger military forces". So it can be written in 1 or 2 words, by the way - for the search of its translation. Wikipedia also has basically 2 definitions, + a series of product names, etc.: : "A tripwire is a mechanical assembly designed to ***detect an anticipated type of target***, and to ***trigger an apparatus that acts upon - or records information about - that target***. "Tripwire" also may refer to one of the following: (...)" I suppose that LOGOS TRANSLATIONS got its information from Linguee: : "No civilian can tread on a Finnish mine or accidentally step on the ***tripwire of a deactivated mine***." = "Nenhum civil pode pisar uma mina finlandesa nem pisar acidentalmente um ***detonador de uma mina não deflagrada***." (= reliable source) "Specify the direction of movement of the object in the ***camera image*** for ***Tripwire 1 and Tripwire 2***." = "Como parâmetro, introduza o sentido do movimento do respectivo objecto para ***o fio de activação 1 e fio de activação 2*** na ***imagem da câmara***." There are at least 2 more examples from the company in that Linguee page. => for a bomb/mine it's a "detonador" and for a video image, it's a "fio de activação". --- There is also a variety of translations (not all necessarily correct) in Glosbe: --- And a couple of translations in the legal part of WordScope: including the above European Parliament example. The other translation is: "detonação por fios" in the given context. --- Reverso Context also gives a series of translations, with a summary on top: --- => it all depends on your CONTEXT, which you have forgotten/neglected to give us here, so we can't help you any further... --- Also, I have googled (in the safer Duckduckgo tool, but it might give less results than Google Search, so you might want to google again): "fio de ativação de segurança" : no hit... "detonador de segurança" : no hit... "disparador de segurança" : 1 hit, and its not a wire, but this apparatus: --- => Next time, give us as much CONTEXT as possible, please. It's in your interest, but also in ours, as it allows to search in a more restricted field. ===

8 days ago

exegete  See profile wrote:

P.S. I am appalled at how SQUASHED my text looks, after posting! Does it look like that too from your end?... This is a very basic website, for sure... :-/ By the way, Gisele, don't forget to give points to the answerer, if you approve of his answer(s). If you don't, it would be nice to leave a comment and say why. We can further help you via the Comments, if you give us more context: what kind of trip wire is it, to start what kind of mechanism? Did you google the different options with the translation of "safety" added to them (in Google, I mean)? As I have demonstrated, there are at least 4 translations for tripwire (usually spelled in one word in English, it seems), depending on the CONTEXT. Thank you, Gisele.

8 days ago

exegete  See profile wrote:

P.S. 2: If "de segurança" doesn't work, you might want to try the translation into Portuguese of "for security purposes", as expressions with "de segurança" do not seem to be standard. By the way, the purpose of such a device is ALWAYS "for security reasons", so, depending on the context, you might just drop the translation of "security" if it's redundant. Next time, always give us the ENTIRE SENTENCE and, if possible, the PREVIOUS SENTENCE. Thank you. Any trained linguist knows that the meaning of a word depends on its context.

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