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Conges terminology question

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2 months ago

Angela L  See profile asked this question:

Language pair:

English > German


Arts / Entertainment

Level of diffculty:

Easy / medium

Word or term in question:

wedding harvest


Medieval setting: no particular year/decade or even century. It's a fantasy novel. The bride goes on a pre-wedding journey through the kingdom with horses, carriage, guards to meet the people. They bring her gifts or assure their loyalty. For now I'm torn between "Hochzeitskollekte" and "Hochzeitsprozession" (and just ignore the "harvest" part) but I wonder if there is a better term ... the sample sentences are all like this: “Your father has declared that the wedding harvest will begin early,” one of her maids said. / Now he found himself riding at the head of a marching column of men, all willing, even eager to protect his half-sister on her wedding harvest.


medieval, bride, wedding, custom



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Answers on this question

2 months ago

S. Gleißner  See my profile wrote:

Hochzeitsgaben (ernten/sammeln)

My comment:

Since it is a fantasy novel, you could even say "Ernte", I think, but maybe "Gaben" is more appropriate for a highborn bride :)
regards, Sil

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2 months ago

Vrinda  See my profile wrote:


My comment:

Harvest is peak period, hence Saison matches to it.

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2 months ago

Uta Haubold  See my profile wrote:


My comment:

.... just a guess, OR: Hochzeitszeremonie

My references:


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