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Conges terminology question

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4 months ago

janisb  See profile asked this question:

Language pair:

English > Spanish


Technical / Engineering

Level of diffculty:

Difficult / demanding

Word or term in question:

to enter the control tachometer readings


Use ''up'' and ''down'' keys to enter the control tachometer readings
Recommendations during operation. Use even numbers of tubes arranged symmetrically (one opposite another) when loading to give the unit even balance during operation. The opposite tubes must be filled up equally.
Rotor must always be fixed securely. Since some plastic tubes and microtest plates can be damaged at higher speeds, maximum speed is limited for some rotors. Before centrifugation, select the type of installed rotor on the display.
Laboratory centrifuges. User instructions.


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4 months ago

exegete  See profile wrote:

para introducir las lecturas del taquímetro de control

My comment:

El término "taquímetro" me parece más científico que "tacómetro", vea las referencias más abajo.

= "para introducir las lecturas del taquímetro (o: tacómetro) de control" (o: de mando?...(probablemente no, vea más abajo))

My references:

1. reading : "4. (on thermometer, ***instrument) lectura*** f

to give a true/false reading [instrument]: marcar bien/mal

readings of more than 40°C are common: es normal que los termómetros marquen más de 40°C

***to take a reading of sth: hacer una lectura de algo***, leer algo"

2. enter: "8. (Comput) [+ data] introducir"

3. (Collins) "tachometer [tæˈkɒmɪtər] N taquímetro m"


(WodReference) "tachometer n (device for measuring speed) tacómetro nm"

and IATE (database of the European Institutions):

"tachometer : taquímetro

[Terminology] (...) (...) [HTML] [2017-12-31]"


4. the control : el control

pero, a veces, puede ser "mando", depende del instrumento (que yo no conosco):

Definition of "control" in English:

"verb: 1. to regulate, govern, or command;

=> sometimes, in Spanish:

"mando SM
1 (=poder) command"

as in:

"tachometers, indicators and control elements" : "tacómetros, indicadores y elementos de mando"

"control boxes : cajas de mando"


but here the tachometer most probably just measures, thus allowing to verify, and does not operate anything else.

Comments by other colleagues on this answer:

4 months ago

exegete  See profile wrote:

Janis, I forgot to copy this reference: Copy of the entire google search result: " La Sélecta 3 y fiable a la recolección de la uva Sélecta 3 Reglaje proporcional y ***taquímetro de control*** Limpieza Equipamiento según modelo Estanqueidad 2 rampas de escamas flexibles, longitud 2,50 m y recuperadores delanteros Dimensiones Altura del túnel 1,95 m + elevación 0,70 m = 2,65 m Altura del túnel 2,15 m + elevación 0,70 m = 2,85 m (Sélecta it) Opciones Tipo de enganche: Estándar 3 puntos" I didn't find occurrences with: - "taquímetro de mando", nor "taquímetros de mando"; - nor "tacómetro de mando", nor "tacómetros de mando"; - nor "tacómetro de control", nor "tacómetros de control". So... :-)

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4 months ago

Claudia  See profile wrote:

para introducir los valores de control del tacómetro

My comment:

Asi lo diría yo.