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Conges terminology question

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17 months ago

Rosa (a guest user) asked this question:

Language pair:

French > English


Law / Certificates

Level of diffculty:

Easy / medium

Word or term in question:

tribunal du statut de personnel


On a round ink stamp on a marriage certificate from Djibouti:

Tribunal du Statut de Personnel
Premier Instance
Rép. de Djibouti

I'm getting conflicting translations when doing a Google search


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17 months ago

CMD  See profile wrote:

Personal Status Court --> Tribunal de statut personnel

My comment:

NB: Tribunal du statut de(?) personnel -> une erreur d'impression, de frappe - just a typo? Des preuves n'existent que pour "Tr. de statut personnel"! (Ergo: note explicative sans traduction!)

[ibid: 4.5. Judicial Organization
"... The Charienne Justice applies the Islamic law is made by the "wheelbarrows" (wise). They are divided into districts and administrative centers in the districts of the capital. The Grand Qadi of Djibouti is, moreover, an appellate judge. The Charienne Justice had exclusive jurisdiction to the only people of the Muslim faith, in matters of inheritance, marriage celebration, divorce, and alimony and child custody. However, the Act of June 30, 2003 in family matters has replaced the Sharia courts by a State Court. ...]

"The 2003 act on personal status courts establishes personal status courts of first instance to replace the sharia courts that existed in every district and regional capital."

My references:

ad "Tribunal du Statut Personnel" :

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17 months ago

Ffion Marianne Moyle  See profile wrote:

Personal Status Court

My comment:

The Personal Status Court of First Instance has jurisdiction to rule at first instance on all disputes relating to marriage, filiation, divorce, custody of children, maintenance and all other cases relating to personal status.

My references:

Comments by other colleagues on this answer:

17 months ago

Barbara R. Cochran, MFA  See profile wrote:

I agree. Found the same thing in the following glossary, and it reflects the context, a marriage certificate, for which one would be concerned about such things: