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Conges terminology question

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5 months ago

daniela (a guest user) asked this question:

Language pair:

English > Italian


Business / Marketing / Financial

Level of diffculty:

Easy / medium

Word or term in question:

welcome benefits message


The create account welcome benefits message



The answer of exegete  See profile was rated best

messaggio riguardo a vantaggi piacevoli

My comment:

or "messaggio a proposito di vantaggi piacevoli".

My references:

1) benefits: :

benefit: "1.a. Something that promotes or enhances well-being; ***an advantage***: The nurse explained the benefits of regular exercise." => "vantaggio", plural "vantaggi": :

"benefit [ˈbɛnɪfɪt]
1 n
a **vantaggio**, beneficio
the benefits of a good education : ***i vantaggi*** di una buona educazione"

2) welcome: :

welcome: "2. Giving pleasure or satisfaction; agreeable or gratifying: a welcome respite from hard work."

=> " :

"welcome [ˈwɛlkəm]
1 adj (gen)
it's a welcome change : è un ***piacevole*** cambiamento"

Example in English:

"Remote Patient Monitoring | AliveCor
[Search domain]
A system whereby patients are empowered to monitor their own health, and physicians review data without an office visit ***results in *welcome benefits* to doctor, patient*** and a healthcare system at its breaking point."

Many Internet hits of "vantaggi piacevoli",

for ex.: "Kyiv Traduzione, Interprete a Kiev, Ucraina
[Search domain]
Credo che uno dei ***vantaggi piacevoli*** del mio viaggio era quello che mia interprete sapeva palare sia il russo che l'ucraino ecco perchè era molto facile parlare con la gente e non c'erano nessun problema."


I am not sure I understand your "context: The create account welcome benefits message": are you sure that that was the exact original sentence? I googled it and could not find anything even close to that.

Another possibility is thus that "welcome" is a verb instead of an adjective. Then I refer to the same dictionary link: :

"3. vt accogliere, ricevere; (also: bid welcome) dare il benvenuto a; (fig: change, suggestion, development) rallegrarsi di; (000) (criticism) accettare di buon grado
I'd welcome your helpgradirei il tuo aiuto
we welcome this stepsiamo lieti di questa iniziativa
he didn't welcome the suggestionnon ha gradito il suggerimento"

And "benefit" can have several meanings too, as mentioned in The Free Dictionary, with translations in (the links I gave you here above).

Please always make sure to give:

- the EXACT sentence;
- if possible, also the previous sentence;
- the exact specialization area.

I agree that the field called "key words" is not the way it should be called. It should be called "context", explaining what "context" is: the sentence, the previous sentence, and a word of explanation:
- specialization area,
- type of document (contract, judgement, product description, etc.),
- who speaks to whom (e.g. a scientist to the general public, a scientist to other scientists, etc.).

Otherwise your colleagues lose their time trying to figure out too many possibilities.

Thank you for them!

Have a nice week-end.