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Conges terminology question

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5 months ago

Obia Ranndy  See profile asked this question:

Language pair:

French > English



Level of diffculty:

Difficult / demanding

Word or term in question:

infrastructures villageoises structurantes


d’au moins 10 ans dans le domaine des travaux ruraux notamment : les aménagements productifs, et les infrastructures villageoises structurantes





The answer of exegete  See profile was rated best

structuring village infrastructures

My references:

In :

"Malgré les efforts déployés pour moderniser l’agriculture et les **infrastructures villageoises** pour offrir aux femmes des services d’éducation et de santé et des services sociaux adéquats, les progrès restaient insuffisants.

Despite efforts to modernize agriculture and **village infrastructures** and to ensure proper educational, health and social services to women, progress remained insufficient."

In :

There is nothing wrong with using "infrastructure" and "structured/structuring" together, see:

" Il estime que, s'agissant d'***infrastructures très lourdes, très structurantes*** et à durée de vie très longue, les investisseurs et les citoyens ont besoin d'être éclairés en toute transparence sur les perspectives du marché.

It feels that since the ***infrastructures are so very cumbersome, highly structured*** and long-lasting, the market prospects have to be explained to investors and the public in a completely transparent fashion.

structurant: structuring:

or "that gives structure to" if you have an object (complément d'objet direct) after "structurant" in French.

infrastructure: also "facilities" but I can't see how they would be "structuring" then...

Définition: "Support, base indispensable à l'édification, au maintien, ou au fonctionnement **d'une structure** concrète ou abstraite."

Otherwise ask on www . translatorscafe . com, they have a dynamic English-mother-tongue helping team!
But they love spending hours on commenting and commenting again, each comment earning them 5 points... ;-)