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Conges terminology question

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5 months ago

Barbara R. Cochran, MFA  See profile asked this question:

Language pair:

Italian > English



Level of diffculty:

Easy / medium

Word or term in question:

che faceva capo al


Nel 1448, sulle coste della Mauritania, i Portughesi fondarono Arguim, prima base del traffico degli schiavi africani. A quella data, tanto la Corona quanto i mercanti erano già da tempo inseriti nel circuito del commercio di schiavi che faceva capo al Mediterraneo.

The usual translations don't seem to be appropriate in this case.



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Answers on this question

5 months ago

exegete  See my profile wrote:

which was part of [the larger Mediterranean slave trade complex]

My comment:

"In 1448, on the coasts of Mauritania, the Portuguese people founded Arguim, the first base of the African slave trade. At that date, both the Crown and the merchants had long been included in the slave trade circuit "that was part of the Mediterranean circuit" / which/that was part of the larger Mediterranean slave trade complex."

My references: :

"In fact, aforementioned Barbary slave trade formed a larger trade complex with the Ottoman slave trade, ***which in turn was part of the larger Mediterranean slave trade complex***, which itself was a part of the slave trade complex that stretched from Americas to Russia."

--- :

" La BVT Industrie GmbH & Co. Chemische Werke Piesteritz KG è un'impresa ***facente capo al gruppo BVT***, un'impresa internazionale operante nel settore dei servizi d'investimento e finanziari con un fatturato aggregato di oltre 3 miliardi di EUR (ovvero 6 miliardi di DEM)." :

"BVT Industrie GmbH & Co. Chemische Werke Piesteritz KG ***is part of the BVT Group***, an international investment and financial services enterprise with an aggregate investment capacity of over EUR 3 billion (DEM 6 billion)."

--- :

" In data 7 dicembre la Commissione europea ha dato il suo benestare al piano di ristrutturazione e all'aumento di capitale del gruppo ABX Logistics, ***un'entità che faceva capo al gruppo ferroviario belga NMBS***." :

On Wednesday, 7 December the Commission approved the restructuring plan and capital increase for Belgian logistics group ABX, ***formerly part of Belgian Railways (NMBS)***. "

"al Mediterraneo" = "al circuito mediterraneo"

mediterraneo = adjective too:

I think they should have written "al mediterraneo" without the capital letter (typo).


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