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Conges terminology question

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15 months ago

Barbara R. Cochran, MFA  See profile asked this question:

Language pair:

Italian > English



Level of diffculty:

Easy / medium

Word or term in question:

appariva in tutta la sua evidenza


Rispetto alle rappresentazioni del mondo elaborate dal Medioevo, il planisfero di Tolomeo presentava altre differenze significative. Ripartendo le terre emerse e i mari tra i due emisferi, la proporzione tra loro era modificata a favore delle prime e la sfericità del globo appariva in tutta la sua evidenza, interessando non più solo la parte ricoperta dalle acque, ma anche la terraferma.



The answer of exegete  See profile was rated best

became clearly evident

My comment:

"la sfericità del globo / appariva / in tutta la sua / evidenza" :

"the sphericity of the globe / became / clearly / evident"


"evidenza" is a false friend which does not mean "evidence"

"evidence" means "proofs", "indications, signs" in English.

"evidenza" means "obviousness".

But you don't say "appeared in all its obviousness" - although this is what it means.


"evidenza" can be translated by "evident" in English.

The meaning of "obvious" is: "easily (...,) seen, or understood"

"in tutta la sua" is an intensifier, which I translate by "clearly".

Countless hits of "became clearly evident" in the duckduckgo search tool (which is far more confidential than the Google spy...).

A European Parliament aligned translation:

"la necessità di una forte politica per le donne ***appare in tutta la sua evidenza***" :

"this need for a strong women’s policy ***becomes evident***."


but I found "becomes evident" a bit under-translated, so I added "clearly".

The other solutions offered on that Glosbe page do not fit our context here, I think.



became clearly apparent/visible/obvious


I got 4 hits of "appeared in all its evidence", but they seem to have been written by Italians.

And I got zero hit of "appeared in all its obviousness" and of "appeared in all THEIR evidence".