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Conges terminology question

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6 months ago

daniela (a guest user) asked this question:

Language pair:

English > Italian



Level of diffculty:

Easy / medium

Word or term in question:

wondrous blades


dialogue for videogames

these currencies are used to progress

wondrous blades
alluring charm




The answer of exegete  See profile was rated best

lame meravigliose

My references: :

wondrous :
"remarkable or extraordinary; wonderful" ;
"exciting wonder; marvellous" ;
"extraordinarily good or great ; used especially as intensifiers" :

meraviglioso :
"marvelous, magnificent, wonderful" ;
"astonishing, amazing, extraordinary".

--- :

blade :
"***(cutting edge) lama***;
(of safety razor) lametta;
(of propeller) pala
blade of grass : filo d'erba"

-> "wondrous blades" = (blades of) swords :

"blade n (sharp edge of knife): lama"

"blade n (sword) (spada) : lama nf

The men drew their blades and prepared for battle.

Gli uomini estrassero ***le lame*** e si prepararono alla battaglia."