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Conges terminology question

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3 months ago

daniela (a guest user) asked this question:

Language pair:

Spanish > Italian


Law / Certificates

Level of diffculty:

Easy / medium

Word or term in question:

sociedades matrices


dar préstamos y otorgar créditos, exclusivamente para la financiación de las sociedades del grupo, de la sociedad poderdante, de sus filiales y partecipadas y, en su caso, sociedades matrices; ya sea bajo la forma de préstamos o creditos personales con poliza o escritura de préstamo...



The answer of exegete  See profile was rated best

società madri

My comment:

or also: "capigruppo", "società controllanti", "controllanti", "imprese madri".

These are all plural forms.

My references:

"casa matriz (Com) (=sede) head office; **(=compañía) parent company**"


=> "parent company" in Italian:

"parent company:
n società f **inv** madre **inv** (inv.? see below)"

"parent company n (firm that owns majority of shares) :

azienda madre nf
(figurato) casa madre nf"


--- :

"sociedades matrices" : "società madri", "società controllanti", "imprese madri".

N.B. "Not "società madre". This seems to be only a singular, after all.

"Forme flesse di 'madre' (nf): pl: madri

Forme flesse di 'madre' (adj): f: madre, mpl: madri, fpl: madri"



Also: "capogruppo nm (società proprietaria di altre): parent company, holding company"

Plurals: "capigruppo (pl m) (pl f


Also "società controllanti"

or just "controllanti" (vs. "controllate": "subsidiaries")
at :

"in favour of employees of the Company and of its subsidiaries and parent companies." :

"a favore di dipendenti della Società e sue controllate e controllanti."