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Conges terminology question

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3 months ago

Rosa (a guest user) asked this question:

Language pair:

French > English



Level of diffculty:

Easy / medium

Word or term in question:

maladie lamelle basale renale


Une biopsie adéquate a été obtenue indicant la présence de maladie lamelle basale renale.

I am not familiar with this condition, and I get the feeling that the English equivalent is not literal. Anyone know where I can find this?


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3 months ago

martynback  See profile wrote:

basal lamina disorder

My references:


3 months ago

Charles Ferguson  See profile wrote:

membraneous glomerulonephritis

My comment:

lamelle basale is the basal membrane so this is my best guess.

My references:

Ref "Basic Pathology" by Robbins and Angell. Published 1971 by W B Saunders, Philadelphia. You could try any textbook of Pathology.

3 months ago

Ffion Marianne Moyle  See profile wrote:

an illness relating to the basal renal lamina

My comment:

In the kidney, the basal lamina acts as a molecular filter. ... The basal lamina provides support to the overlying epithelium, limits contact between epithelial cells and the other cell types in the tissue and acts as a filter allowing only water and small molecules to pass through.

3 months ago

Gina W  See profile wrote:

Thin basement membrane disease

My comment:

Or Thin Basement Membrane nephropathy (TBMN)

The asker rated this answer best

3 months ago

CMD  See profile wrote:

renal basement membrane disease

My comment:


Comments by other colleagues on this answer:

3 months ago

CMD  See profile wrote:

useful further info: cf

3 months ago

CMD  See profile wrote:

"Many textbooks do not distinguish between the basal lamina as described and the basement membrane, a thicker layer which includes the basal lamina and extracellular components of the underlying connective-tissue matrix." cf

3 months ago

CMD  See profile wrote:

ad TBMD / TBMN (!) "La maladie de la membrane basale mince (TBMD, également connue sous le nom d'hématurie familiale bénigne et de néphropathie de la membrane basale mince ou TBMN) est, avec la néphropathie à IgA , la cause la plus fréquente d' hématurie sans autres symptômes. La seule constatation anormale dans cette maladie est un amincissement de la membrane basale des glomérules dans les reins. Sa particularité réside importance dans le fait qu'il a un bénin pronostic , [1] avec les patients en maintenant une normale fonction rénale tout au long de leur vie." cf