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Conges terminology question

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10 months ago

isa_g  See profile asked this question:

Language pair:

Spanish > English



Level of diffculty:

Easy / medium

Word or term in question:

La elección recae en el concejal más votado.


Explicación divulgativa, especialmente para niños, sobre las funciones del Ayuntamiento. Contexto:

Nuestra ciudad tiene 27 Concejales, quienes eligen al Alcalde. La elección recae en el Concejal más votado.


Alcalde, ayuntamientos, concejales



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Answers on this question

10 months ago

exegete  See my profile wrote:

The mayor's seat falls to the council(l)or with the most votes.

My comment:

Translation of the 2 sentences: "Our city has 27 council(l)ors, who elect the mayor. ***The mayor's seat falls to*** the council(l)or **with the most votes**."

The source sentence is erroneous.
Indeed, the subject of "fall to" is incorrect.
It should be replaced by "the mayor's seat".
For example, google the sentence: "The ***mayor's seat*** and three council seats ***are up for grabs*** in this year's Toms River election." (the website itself is for subscribers only).

My references:

"más votado" = "with the most votes", as Barbara mentioned.
See for example the title in : "Ponte gets most votes for City Council".

It is a title, so it's squashed. It should be "get THE most votes", of course.

Please, next time, only indicate in the Question field the word which you can't translate, and put the entire sentence(s) in the Context field.

If 2 words need translating, you might want to ask 2 questions. Indeed, it's not clear if "más votado" was also a problem for you here.

Thank you.

P.S. It's "(city/town) councillor" in British English and "(city/town) councilor" in American English.

If you understand French:

"fall to [sb] (property: become owned by [sb]) : échoir à [qqn] "

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Comments by other colleagues on this answer:

10 months ago

exegete  See profile wrote:

You can also say: "The mayor's seat **goes to** the councilor with the most votes." as per [= in French: "La mairie revient au conseiller ayant obtenu le plus grand nombre de voix."]

10 months ago

exegete  See profile wrote:

Isabel, Are you too busy to pick an answer?... Erroneous source texts are thrown at us all the time nowadays, you know... You might want to inform the customer about it too... Although it is not very important here, I believe. If you don't agree with any suggested translation here, you might want to inform the customer that the source text does not make sense, so you can't translate it, but you think it might mean this or that - if you think you need to "cover your ass"... But I insist: this is an unimportant mistake in the source text, so just save time and go ahead... ;-)

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10 months ago

Ffion Marianne Moyle  See my profile wrote:

Whichever candidate councillor receives the most votes will win

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10 months ago

Clara Fernández  See my profile wrote:

Falls upon

My comment:

"Recaer" literally means to fall again, (also meaning to relapse). La eleccion recae almost means, "falls upon" as in"is decided by". In this case I'm not understanding the use of this verb to mean that the Alcalde is chosen from the Concejales and the one with the most votes wins, although from the structure, this is indeed what it appears to be. It would make more sense to say that El concejal con mas votos gana la elección.

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10 months ago

Barbara R. Cochran, MFA  See my profile wrote:

the election is awarded to the alderman/councilman who receives the most votes

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